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Here you will find a collection of free downloads to accompany your reading of Growing Young. You’ll discover ways to share the insights, stories, and strategies with your friends, colleagues, and wider congregation. The journey to growing young begins here!
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Start a Conversation:

Growing Young Discussion Guide

We believe in dialogue, and we believe in community. Dialogue with your community with this downloadable guide that will walk you through each chapter.

Plan your future:

Growing Young Assessment

 The world of church leadership is cluttered with voices, often sharing anecdotes and opinions that may not reflect your unique context. We’ve decided to provide a different way. Remove the guesswork and get real answers when you take our Growing Young Assessment. Designed to engage your whole congregation, discover your church’s unique position to engage young people, and your best next steps for a vibrant future.

Invite your congregation:

Free Sermon Outlines & Slide Templates

Want to bring Growing Young ideas into your worship gatherings? Download our sermon outlines for scripture connections and inspiration for your next series. Grab our ebook of sermon illustrations from our research to show what’s possible. Use our slides to convey the perfect look and feel of Growing Young.

Explain Growing Young:

Download the Core Commitment Wheel

Help others understand the tenets of Growing Young with our one-page printable and graphic.

Talk to young people:

Conversation Toolkit

It’s not enough to talk about young people; we have to talk to them. This step-by-step guide will assist you in starting an inspiring and supportive conversation with any young person in your church or community.

Pray for your church:

Our 7-day prayer guide

Join the Fuller Youth Institute and authors of Growing Young for a prayer journey. A prayer reflection will be delivered to your email everyday for a week. Let’s seek God together!

Growing Young Training

Take a deep dive with your church team and discover what growing young looks like in your context.

Registration is open now!

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Young people are loving these churches. Find out why. via @fullerFYI
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Our nation’s leading churches have revealed their secrets to engaging young people. Discover them: @fullerFYI

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Growing Young Tools

We are developing even more amazing tools to help your church reach young people in your community. These opportunities include a robust, comprehensive assessment, one-on-one consulting, and a unique in-person training experience like never before.

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